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Olympic Aluminium Technique Bar

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The Aluminium Technique Bar is perfect for helping young lifters and beginners learn proper lifting techniques safely. Lightweight and easy to handle, this bar helps you master the basics before adding weight. 

At only 5 kg, this bar is easy for beginners and younger lifters to practise technique safely. It’s also a much loved tool for warming up, especially in Olympic lifting. 

With a maximum load rating of 20 kg, the bar reduces the risk of injury for new lifters, promoting a safe learning environment.


Material: Aluminium
Weight: 5 kg
Total length: 2010 mm
Length between sleeves: 1320 mm
Shaft diameter: 25 mm
Loading pin diameter: 50 mm
Load capacity: Rated up to 20 kg


Who should use the Aluminium Technique Bar?
This bar is ideal for beginners, including children and adults new to weightlifting, who need to practise techniques safely before progressing to heavier weights. It’s also great for warm-ups. 

What exercises can be performed with this bar?
The Technique Bar is great for practising clean and jerk, snatch, as well as squatting and deadlifting, without the intimidation of heavier weights.

Is the bar durable?
Although it’s lightweight, the aluminium construction ensures durability under the recommended load, providing a long-lasting training tool for technique development.