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Kabuki Strength – The Trap Bar HD

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Get your own original Kabuki Trap Bar

An open design like this enables lifters and athletes to perform a wide variety of movements beyond the traditional neutral grip deadlift – from row variations, to presses out of a rack, to ab-wheel rollouts and other imaginative uses. Released in 2017, this professional-calibre tool can withstand the frequency and loading by elite-level sports athletes and strength athletes like strongmen and powerlifters.

Standout Features

  • open design enables most exercise applications of any barbell
  • easy loading or unloading weights via built-in bar jack
  • safer, neutral deadlift position 

Balanced Design

Trap or hex bars featuring low handles aligned with the centre of the weight plates often feel unbalanced. The bar always feels like it wants to dive forwards or backwards, forcing the lifter to self-balance using their wrists. 

The simple solution: a minor 1.27cm vertical offset for the low handles, placing them slightly higher than the centreline of the bar. This results in the same effect, but to a lesser extent, as the high-handles – the bar will have a tendency to return to centre rather than dive forward or backwards. Think of a swing, with the centre of rotation much higher than the centre of mass, it will always try to return to centre.

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  • Brand: Kabuki Strength
  • Bar type: open-frame trap bar, with built-in bar jack
  • Length: 195.58cm
  • Width: 22.86cm
  • Height: 59.69cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Sleeve length: 43.18 cm loadable area
  • Finish: semi-gloss powdercoat
  • Sleeve finish: clear zinc
  • Handle types: high & low positions
  • Handle diameter: 29mm 
  • Handle width: 63.5 cm (standard)
  • Handle finish: zinc plated
  • Knurl: medium
  • Corrosion resistance: high
  • Capacity: 680kg
  • Manufactured: Oregon, USA

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