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Kabuki Strength – The Kadillac Bar

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Discover a new way of bench pressing

Kabuki's twist on the classic Swiss bar aims to enhance the bench pressing experience by making it safer, more comfortable, and easier to learn. The Kadillac Bar features three neutral grip positions at 10 to 15 degree angles to optimize training impact and minimize strain on the shoulder joint complex, all while promoting a wider range of motion. With its exclusive high-traction polymer coating on the handles, you will maintain a secure grip during every lift. Versatile and practical, the Kadillac Bar is a go-to choice for a variety of exercises, including rows, arm workouts, and various pressing movements.

Standout features

  • use the Kadillac Bar for all rowing, pressing, and arm movements
  • makes traditionally high-risk movements safer and easier to learn
  • balanced design
  • increased range of motion to improve results in strength, hypertrophy, and transfer to a variety sports
  • neutral grip position

Is the Kadillac Bar only good for the bench press?

You can incorporate it for a variety of accessory exercises on the Kadillac Bar. Performing overhead presses with this bar can yield comparable results and promote shoulder health as effectively as using a straight barbell. Often overlooked, rowing variations play a crucial role in shoulder stability and strength. By executing both pressing and rowing movements correctly, you can enhance overall shoulder function. The Kadillac Bar not only optimizes your bench press form but also supports proper rowing technique. This will have a greater impact on your main sports like Powerlifting or Strong(wo)men sports.

Watch this review to get all the insights you need

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  • Brand: Kabuki Strength
  • Bar type: specialty bench bar
  • Length: 220.98cm
  • Width: 17.78cm
  • Height: 17.78cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Sleeve length: 42.55cm
  • Finish: textured powdercoat
  • Finish/sleeves: zinc
  • Finish/handles: grippy, textured polymer
  • Handle diameter: 3.18cm
  • Fits rack width: min: 105.41cm, max: 137.16cm
  • Three handle positions: 10°, 12.5°, 15°
  • Corrosion resistance: high
  • Weight rating: 363kg
  • Manufactured: Oregon, USA

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