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Jammer Arms Attachment - 60mm

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Product Options: 48" Length

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Jammer Arms Attachment for use with our Thor Power Cage, Garage Cage, Half Rack and Garage Half Rack.

Jammer Arms can be used for various push/pull movements but they can also be used for some lower body exercises! These can be used to overhead press, bench press, incline press, any single hand pressing, rows with various grips, deadlifts, single arm rows and can be used for squats, leg pressing etc... Our Jammer Arms are extremely versatile and allow you to a huge range of new movements with your power cage!

10 or 14 Adjustment points to change the curve/angle of the movement

Suitable for 60x60mm box sections

Approx Weight:
30kg (per pair) 35" short version
33kg (per pair) 48" long version
Length: Avaliable in 35" (89cm) short version or 48" (122cm) long version.

Space between pins - 17cm

Price is for a pair.

For even more training options add the Jammer Arms - Straight Bar Attachment!
Replace the standard arms with this straight bar attachment to add even more variety to your training with the Jammer Arms. This will allow you to do various deadlift, squat and pressing movements with the Jammer Arms.

Approx Weight: 10kg

Please note - it is advisable to bolt the cage to the floor if using the Jammer arm attachment with it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maksym Bojcun
Great piece of equipment

So many exercises are possible with these, great for rows, ohp, leg press, tricep press, etc.

Ashley Eveleigh
Plate-loaded machines at home!

Really nice construction and finish on the jammer arms. I will admit it takes a little bit of effort and getting used to when setting up the arms as they are fairly weighty and awkward. BUT once you know your pin heights and are used to handling and moving them, they’re fantastic. Really nice way of replicating fixed leverage plate machines you’d find in commercial gyms. Solid feel and a fantastic addition to the home gym.

russell thompson
Just got them

Great quality. Great pice of kit 👍👍👍👍👍

60 x 60 jammer arms

What a piece of kit . Much better quality and finish then expected . Very happy