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Ironmind Sew Easy Straps

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If you're not using IronMind lifting straps, you're probably not lifting as much as you could be. Chosen by the world's strongest men in 5 styles: IronMind has the right lifting straps for your lifting requirements.

For weightlifters of all types, easy to use.

New longer length: ca. 54 cm

Closed loop with a width of ca. 4 cm

Material: Nylon
Colour: Blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael galbraith
Great for light weight exercises

Was sick of all my wraps being easily damaged , so I got these after reading how durable they are on people's reviews. Was quickly disappointed when they couldn't handle 60kg+ because of the design. Constantly slipped out of place when doing pull ups and high rows which isn't good when youre training 80% of 1RM and need equipment that brings confidence.

Other than that, this would be amazing for people who train light and want well built wraps that will literely last a lifetime

Great straps!

The design is left unchanged since it first came out. I’ve had mine for 6 years and they still work for me. Just bought another one as a spare. Recommended for any levels of weightlifting.

1 star dont recomend if you can pull over 500lb they slip

Thought id get these sew easy straps to try becouse my other straps have finaly snaped on me so while shruging have to say they are not for me at all they arnt easy to use and they jist slip out off my hand when i get over 5 plates not happy with them going to just get some normal straps again