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Floor Glute Ham Developer/Hip Thrust Machine

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  • Posterior chain development: Target and strengthen the entire posterior chain, including glutes, hamstrings, calves, and lower back.
  • Injury prevention: By strengthening the muscles around the spine and improving core stability, GHD exercises can help reduce the risk of injuries in the lower back. 
  • Strengthens core: The GHD can be used to develop core strength and stability – crucial for strength athletes. 
  • Improved hip and spinal flexibility: Hip extensions and back raises on the GHD machine can increase both hip and spinal flexibility, leading to better posture and movement.


Our Floor Glute Ham Developer/Hip Thrust Machine is a great tool for glute exercises, power work, and hip extensions. It merges a hip thruster pad section with an adjustable height floor glute ham developer.

This machine supports a wide range of exercises, including hip thrusts, glute-ham raises, back raises, and more.

This compact design makes it a perfect fit for both commercial and home gyms. The machine can be stood up, making it easy to save space when you need it. It's also easily movable thanks to built-in handles and wheels.

Please note -- the machine doesn't come with plates. Shop weight plates


Length: 160cm to 185cm (adjustable)
Width: 71cm, extends to 108cm with band pegs
Pad dimensions: length 71cm, width 44cm, height 22cm
Knee pad dimensions: width 19cm, height 3cm
Footplate dimensions: width 56cm, height 33cm
Footpads circumference: 30cm
Maximum distance between footpads: 16cm
Band pegs: length 19cm, circumference 8.4cm
Distance from pad to first band peg hole: 18cm
Distance from pad to fourth band peg hole: 46cm
Leg box section: width 7cm, height 3cm
Height from pad to floor: 40cm
Maximum height from floor to foot adjustment: 54cm


Can the machine be adjusted for users of different heights?
Yes, both the footplate and the hip thrust pad are adjustable.

Is it suitable for commercial gym use?
Absolutely, its durable design and adjustable features make it ideal for the heavy usage of commercial gym environments.

Can this machine be moved easily?
Yes, it is designed with handles and wheels for easy transportation and repositioning within your space.

Does the machine require assembly?
Some assembly is required. The machine comes with detailed instructions.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, there is a 6-month warranty covering manufacturer defects.