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Plate Loadable Eccentric Hooks - Fully Adjustable

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Enhanced muscle engagement: By emphasising the eccentric phase, where the muscle elongates under tension, these hooks can increase muscle strength and size more effectively than concentric-focused training. The eccentric phase is important because it generates greater muscle damage and stimulates more growth, making it particularly popular with bodybuilders. 

Increased strength in sticking points: They enable overloading in the eccentric phase, helping to strengthen the points in your lift where you're typically weakest.

Versatility: Suitable for various exercises, these hooks can be adjusted for height and accommodate different training needs, allowing for paused reps, controlled descents, and explosive ascents.

Safety: When set correctly, the hooks unload the weight as soon as it touches the ground, preventing overexertion and reducing the risk of injury.


Adjustable height: With 30mm increments available, you can customize the hook height from 58cm to 106cm to match your specific range of motion for different exercises.

Robust construction: Designed to support heavy loads with a solid base that ensures stability during use.

Compatibility: These hooks are made for standard 50 mm Olympic plates.


Width of base: 20 cm
Depth of base: 33 cm
Height of base: 58 cm
Adjustable height range: 58 cm to 106 cm (in 30 mm increments)
Hook lengths: 46 cm (small), 76 cm (large)
Set weight: Approximately 12 kg

Please note: Eccentric overloading is highly effective but should be performed with caution and proper technique to avoid injury.


Can beginners use these hooks?
While eccentric hooks are usually used by experienced lifters, a beginner can also use them. However, we recommend that beginners interested in using these hooks do so under supervision to ensure proper technique and safety.

How do I adjust the height of the hooks?
The hooks can be easily adjusted in 30 mm increments, allowing for precise setup depending on the exercise and your range of motion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gav c

Very well made product quick delivery these definitely give you a work out I would highly recommend these for any one who wants to get stronger

Mick L
Quality bit of kit, well worth it

I have had these for about 4 weeks and have been using them mainly for benching, I have to say great bit of kit, I've added probably 4-reps to what was my 1 rep max. I have not been able to find these anywhere else in the UK, I have only seen US based people use them and wondered what difference they make. Well they defo do and well worth the money, I bought them on a special with £50 discount. Can't fault the service from Strength Shop either, they came within a day and half from ordering. Just about to start squatting with them, may drop another review once I see how that goes. Highly recommend for anyone looking to bump up their max strength.