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Dip Horns Attachment for 75mm Box Section

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Dip Horn attachment for Riot Power Cage and Riot Rigs.

Run at an angle for a variety of widths.

When using with Riot Power Cage it is essential that you weigh the cage down with weight or bolt the cage to the ground to lower the chance of the cage tipping.

Approximate dimensions:
Total Length - 87cm
Total Width - 70cm
Total Height - 30cm

Distance between handles,
40cm at narrowest
60cm at widest
4.5cm diameter handles
56cm handle length
2.5cm pin diameter for attaching to rack

Rated to 200kg

Designed to fit our Racks/Cages with 75mm x 75mm box section.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Solid construction for 75mms box section with 25mm holes.

I have recently upgraded to 75mm box section from 60mm box section. I had done my research and expected these to be meaty but first impression out of the box none the less - other than being well packed was 'monster'! Even at a body weight of just over 100kg, the 200kg recommended limit is more than enough and I like that the bar has built in various dipping width options for different sized users. This is ensured by were you place your hands on the bar yet without the handles being too far away from from parallel from each other like some angled dip bars can be. This is because of the good design and sheer genuine commercial size of the attachment meaning the needed angle is not too steep. My only minor gripe is that the half way point on each handle (seeming these are variable width) doesn't have a clear marker. This would have been a nice touch for ensuring equal judgement and consistency. However, this is an easy fix with either a silver sharply or some electrical tape that can be replaced, renewed or removed as needed. All in all these are bulky but tough, built to last and a good add on to your rack for the money there is no doubt. Thanks strength shop.

Sturdy, value for money. Perfect!

Bought to attach to another brands folding rack. (The other brands dip attachment cost about £40 more with a 3 month wait!). The attachment arrived today and I am very happy. Fits the rack like a glove and does the job perfectly!