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Core Trainer Multi Grip Handle

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Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle

Our grip handle is a lightweight and extremely adaptable tool for your gym. Built with versatility in mind, the unit can be used to perform both wide and narrow overarm/underarm pulls. The addition of 2 neutral bar positions means you can train several muscle groups in the upper back, while additionally working your biceps, lats, shoulders, grip and forearm strength.

When held in a more upright position, the handle becomes an effective ally for targeting your core muscles and can even be used to do overhead work (e.g. viking press).

Weight: 6.5kg
Total length: 132cm
Total width: 25cm
Tube diameter of grip bars: 32mm
* Fits to all standard size barbells

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent addition for my PT service

Lightweight with different grips has been a game changer for my PT clients when performing landmine moves.
Shoulder pressing more joint friendly too.
Great service with prompt and secure delivery. Highly recommend Strength Shop.

D J P Stothard
Multi grip handle

Excellent product, useful for presses such as landmine OHP in addition to rowing movements. It's awesome for a ton of exercises including deadlifts, the concave area between the grips promotes sound form and natural kinetics. You won't be disappointed. I have a 1 inch barbell landmine setup and added an adapter/converter to this olympic size barbell handle. It's a beast. Dan

Excellent attachment for land mine training.

At under 50 quid, this is a bargain. Well made and considering size, lightweight. Can be used for quite few land-mine exercises and the various handle positions work well whilst grip is good on the handles, inspring confidence on lifts. I've ordered a couple of equipment pieces from strength shop now and been really impressed by the prices and quality. Both pieces arrived next day via UPS couriers. Will be using this store again.

Mick L
Another great invention from Strengthshop

Recently bought this and it is a great bit of kit. I have been using it for Viking Press and rowing movements and recently had a go with it for landmine deadlifting. The V-shape gap in the centre allows for you to get close into the bar to lift or pull. It really is very versatile and removes the need for having loads of different attachments. I really like this bit of kit and would really recommend it for these exercises. If you think that all you want is an attachment for one type of exercise get this and before you know it you will be using for loads of different stuff. Really well made and feels solid. Would totally recommend this, and if you buy anything off Strengthshop you won't go wrong.


What a great idea this attachment is. It means I don't have to mess around changing half a dozen different handles when I just want to crack on with it. The only thing it lacks is a close grip similar to a seated row attachment, but all I do is fasten one of those to it using a strap and I am ready in seconds. This was ex display so I got it cheaper. I really bought it on a whim as I already have a great back machine that sorts me out perfectly. I just fancied a little variation in my sessions so I gave it a try - and I am glad I did. This handle allows me to add the variation of standing lifts to my usual seated or machine set-up. Its good to change things a little every now and again - especially if you are a long time lifter like me. Thanks fellas.