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Chest Supported Lat Row Bench

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Chest Supported Lat Row Bench V2

This lat row bench is used by strength athletes and casual/commercial gym users alike. In addition to being a great back workout, it is designed to work the antagonistic muscles needed in bench press, and to remove the use of lower back in the row movement.

Width - 940mm
Height - 1155mm
Length - 2208mm
Sleeve length - 240mm
Weight approx. 50kg

Rated to 350kg

Weight plate(s) not included.

Care should always be taken to lower the bar/handles in a controlled manner to avoid damaging the bench/frame. Any bending of the frame from dropping/uncontrolled lowering will not be covered by warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lat row bench ideal kit for home gym

Brilliant bit of kit , thank you. !!

Scott T

Have this in my garage gym and it's a beast, the handle bar design allows for full range of motion on the row. Note that the other review was for the v1 model, the v2 model has no issue in terms of pad bolt placement.

Excellent Piece of Kit for The Money

Bought this Item not expecting it to have much impact in our gym, but now on back days people queue up to use it, My other two T-bar machines remain unused now. It is a good solid piece of kit and a keen favorite in our gym now. I have loaded it up to 220KG which it has handled without any problem. Only moans I've had was that people kept banging the middle top of the rowing handle (where the square plastic bung is fitted) against the top bolt that holds the chest support pad on,but this is easily avoided by positioning your chest slightly off center towards the left hand side of the chest support pad,(for the scrawny fitness blokes who are made about strict full reps) or simply by training with real man weights that no man can touch his chest with for the fat blokes like me.All in all a great piece of kit and a great addition to your back workout.