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Cambered Bar Attachment - For Olympic Barbell

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Cambered Bar Attachment - For Olympic Barbell

Steel camber bar attachments are compatible with any Olympic style barbell and can take any Olympic style plates. Camber Attachments can take some pressure off the shoulders, but it also create a slight swing that forces your body to stabilize the weight and improve your overall form

Offering a quick and unique way to perform cambered bar squats without the need for swapping bars over to the speciality bar. Just slide Cambered Bar Attachments over your barbell, clamp down and your ready to go.

Ideal for when space for storing multiple barbells is limited and you still want to be able to add a bit of variety and new challenges into your training program.

Attachment makes the plates sit 42cm lower than standard. Loadable sleeve length: 30cm

Weight - 4.25kg each (pair total weight 8.5kg)
Rated to 100kg Each side

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom Kendal

Great piece of kit

Great bit of kit

Had these about 4 months now, solid bit of kit and useful for a lot of exercises. Very useful if you have a low ceiling and need to over head press


This simple, but highly effective strength attachment does wonders!! And you save ££££/$$$$/€€€€ by saving from buying a true Safety Squat Bar. And w/ these attachments, you can actually do more exercises than just a squat, for instance. I really, really love these!!

Great bit of kit, really well made

Just got these. First off delivery was spot on always from strength shop. The kit is flawless really well put together and so versatile, great for over head pressing, shrugs, good mornings, squats, curls, totally change the load. Really like them and great value.