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Calibrated Bastard Power Bar - Black E-Coat - IPF Approved

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Designed with powerlifting competitions in mind, this is a high-value barbell. Featuring a 29mm 205,000 PSI tensile strength shaft, bronze bushings and coarse knurling, all elements of this barbell have been designed to create a balanced and refined feel.

This power bar is IPF approved and calibrated to +/-50gr of 20kg.


Besides competition, this barbell is an excellent pick for any strength sports oriented gym, powerlifting club or boxes. With a shaft diameter of 29cm and a medium sharp knurling, it provides a good gripy feeling and the centre knurling securely sets in the neck/back area during squats. The Barbell comes with 81cm grip marking, as is common in powerlifting. With a 50cm sleeve diameter and a slightly grooved surface, the weight plates will have a secure fit on the barbell. Visually strong, too, the bar shaft has a black finish. 

  • IPF Approved
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Total length: 220cm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 415mm
  • Centre Knurling: yes
  • Grip markings: 81cm | Powerlifting
  • Shaft diameter: 29mm
  • Shaft material: sprung steel, black e-coating
  • Sleeve plating: nickel-phosphorus
  • Shaft length: 131cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50cm
  • Sleeve type: 3 bronze bushings per sleeve, dust proof
  • Knurling type: medium
  • 205K PSI tensile strength

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