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Bastard Deadlift Bar - Black Shaft

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A great new addition to our range, the Bastard Deadlift Bar!

Longer than your average barbell, and more 'flex' than a power bar, as well as no centre knurling and a 27mm shaft. The sleeves have been designed with simplicity in mind to reduce the need for maintenance and to increase robustness. Several Powerlifting federations use a Deadlift Bar in competition, so make sure you are training Deadlift with the correct type of barbell.

Black Chrome Plating.


• Weight - 20kg
• Length - 2.3m
• Shaft - Sprung Steel
• Shaft Diameter - 27mm
• Distance Between Rings - 810mm
• Loadable Sleeve Length - 370mm
• Centre Knurling? - No
• Knurling Type - Sharp
• Sleeve Type - Bronze Bushings
• Recommended Max Load/Rating - 1500lbs Static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 450kg
• Warranty - 3 Year Performance Warranty

This bar is designed to be used for deadlifts only. This bar is not suitable or covered for any other static or olympic lifts.

This bar comes with a Strength Shop 3-Year performance warranty. Performance Warranty (see T&C's for full details).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dan Ball

Absolutely love this bar,always used a power bar and wish I’d bought a **** BAR sooner.
More whip on it then an Amsterdam **** and the knurling is savage it’s like gripping a holly bush !! Grip will never fail again

International competition spec bar 10/10

After competing in several competitions in the UK and all were using the Bastard Deadlift bar, i decided to purchase one for myself. We have several speciality bars in the gym i train at; Rogue Ohio DL, Texas DL, Okie DL and now a bastard DL. All the bars have a similar feel until you get to 300+ kg, then they all behave very differently. The Bastard DL feels stiffer than the others, not as much whip before the plates leave the floor, and for me that's not a bad thing. I try and make my training lifts difficult, then anything easier in a comp is a bonus. The knurling on this bar is aggressive and offers and faultless grip. On closer inspection the diamonds on the knurling pattern are symmetrical. This shows the level of engineering and craftsmanship by the bars builder. As a mechanical engineer i appreciate the details. Knurling isn't easy to get right. I've used this bar for over a year and today i completed some maintenance on it (stripped down and cleaned). I estimate, in total, I've lifted over 52,000kg on this bar in the last 12 months. There is virtually no wear on any of the mating faces or working parts of my bar. This proves the quality of the parts used. A bar that will last a lifetime.

Emily & Jack - WARBEAZT - Twitch
10/10 Fantastic

Couldn't of wished for a better bit of kit! + The black looks awsome. + Fantastic build quality. + Just enough Whip (not as much as a Texas) Just right. + Super grippy. 10/10 for this bar. As a lifter pulling anywhere from reps of 200+ to singles of 300kg+ this bar was awesome to train with.