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Bastard Deadlift Bar - Nickle Plated Shaft

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Introducing the Bastard Deadlift Bar, a specialised new addition to our range that's designed specifically for deadlifting. Longer, more flexible, and fine-tuned for performance, this bar is all about elevating your deadlift experience. It has more flex than a power bar, no centre knurling, and a 27mm shaft for a smooth lift. 

Elite lifters use the Bastard Deadlift Bar for both competition and training: the max suggested load of the bar is 400kg.


Your investment is safe with our 3-year performance warranty. We stand by the quality of our products, so you can deadlift with confidence and focus on what matters: improving your strength. 

For other lifts, check out our Bastard Power Bar.


Weight: 20kg
Length: 2.3m
Shaft Material: Sprung Steel
Shaft Diameter: 27mm
Distance Between Rings: 810mm
Sleeve length(Loadable):370mm
Centre Knurling: No
Knurling Type: Sharp
Sleeve Type: Bronze Bushings
Recommended Max Load/Rating: 3,985lbs / 1807kgs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength.
Max suggested load: 400kg
Coating: Nickel-plated
Warranty: 3-year performance warranty


What makes the Bastard Deadlift Bar different from regular barbells?
Specifically designed for deadlifting, it's longer with more 'flex' and has no centre knurling, allowing for an optimal deadlift experience.

What colours are available?
The deadlift bar is available with a regular chrome or black chrome shaft. 

Is the bar suitable for competition training?
Yes, the Bastard Deadlift Bar is used in competition by several Powerlifting federations, making it suitable for competition training.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Saville

This was a big purchase for me, but I'm already delighted. Bought to replace the naff squat bars at my local gym for deadlifting. The knurling on this bar has enabled me to pull significantly higher weights without straps and it's almost silent when putting the weight down. Gorgeous! 3 Plate DL here I come!

Great Bar

I bought one of these for my home gym as I was getting close to the max load of my regular bastard bar. This is my only experience of a Deadlift bar, the 27mm shaft and agressive knurling ensures a solid grip and the whip feels great.

Bob Vine
A thing of beauty

Over a year ago I got a standard 20kg bar as part of a set of weights (not from here) which is all I could afford at the time. Has done me proud but my neighbours complained about the noise on deadlift day! I don't lift much but the noise came from the bar itself - the sleeves moving. So treated myself to this. It is absolutely in a different class. Beautifully made, balanced and completely silent! Can't recommend it enough, plus the service from these guys was fantastic.

Very good bar.

This bar is pretty much exactly modelled after the Texas deadlift bar in terms of its measurements (inside shaft length, sleeve length etc.) which means it flexes and whips like one. I didn't think it would differ much from the 2028 Olympic bar I have in terms of flex and whip, but it really does- you can even feel a difference with 60kg, mainly because of how far out the weights are due to the inside shaft length and collar width. The 27mm shaft feels noticeable thinner than 28mm and makes gripping the bar easy. The knurling is sharp, and with chalk it's super grippy. The overall quality is very good and the hardened chrome isn't too shiny, it looks more like aluminium. The description says the rings are 810mm apart but they're actually 910mm apart. Highly recommended.