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Adjustable Kettlebell 12kg-32kg, Competition Style

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Anyone looking to add kettlebells to their training routine, will have a blast with this kettlebell variation. Technically, you’re buying one kettlebell, but what you’re really getting is a set of kettlebells. With possible increments of 1kg, almost every* weight is possible from 12kg to 32kg. Since it’s such a compact solution, it's also ideal if you want to train outside or change locations. You only need to make enough room for one kettlebell instead of keeping 19 stored in your place.

⤿ Choosing this compact and space-saving kettlebell system, you can save over £1000, compared to buying the individual competition kettlebells, covered with this kettlebell.

Special weight adjustment system

This is made possible through the special weight adjustment system. The kettlebell is hollow and the core is a globe shaped weight stack divided into different weight plates. The Weights are secured tightly inside the kettlebell by a screw. Quick and easy to adjust, simply by adding or removing the weights. With an included Allen key, you’ll close the whole mechanism on the bottom of the kettlebell. This kettlebell is made in competition style, with a smooth 35mm handle that provides a good grip for efficient movement.

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  • Material: steel & cast iron
  • Special adjustment weights included 
  • Custom weight plates: 3x2kg, 2x3kg & 2x4kg 
  • Adjustable in 1kg steps from 12kg-32kg, except for 13kg and 31kg* 
  • Competition Style Kettlebell, 35mm handle
  • Tools to adjust the weight are included
  • Your price advantage compared to individual competition kettlebells: over £1000.


How can kettlebell training benefit me?

The kettlebell is a handy tool. You can use it in addition to your original sport, like powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting. But Kettlebell is also a competitive sport on its own. They’re highly adaptable. You can train uni- & bilateral movements. You can modify so many exercises in a kettlebell variation. Kettlebell carries, kettlebell snatch or cleans, kettlebell rows or kettlebell shoulder press or kettlebell swings & kettlebell deadlift. This one piece lets you do a ton of accessories work and this kettlebell in specific gives you the option of multiple weights in just one kettlebell.

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