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Adjustable Dumbbells (pair)

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Weight: Adjustable Dumbbells 4-36kg (pair)

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Our Adjustable Dumbbells are an innovative and convenient solution for any gym setup. Compact in design, they share all the familiar traits of a normal dumbbell but also carry some notable advantages.

Using a practical loading/unloading system, changing the weight has never been easier: Simply dock the dumbbell in its cradle and twist the handle to adjust the weight up or down in staggered 4KG increments. With each twist, the new weight displays clearly on top, so you can quickly and efficiently prepare for your next lift.

The dumbbell cradles are also fitted with a safety locking mechanism, meaning the plates engage and disengage with ease. All plates are built using durable cast iron and feature medium-knurl handles for a secure grip while lifting.

Ranging from 2-20KGs or 4-36KGs respectively, these Adjustable Dumbbells remove the need for an entire rack of DBs in your gym. Instead, they offer a fresh solution for those looking to keep a tidier, more efficient gym space.

Each dumbbell set comes with its own portable cradle for storage and weight adjustments.

Specification (36KG):
36kg Dumbbells - Weight 36.5kg (including handle weight)

  • Height 17.8cm
  • Width 18cm
  • Length 49cm
  • Handle Length 10cm
  • Handle circumference 12cm
  • Weight plate diameter 17.8cm
  • Number of Adjustments x9
  • Weight plate increments 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg and 36kg
  • Number of weight plates x18 2kg plates (x2 fixed to the handles)
  • Plate material Cast Iron

* Please note: Adjustable dumbbells are not designed to be dropped from height.