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Riot 13mm Lever Belt (Extra Stiff) - IPF Approved

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Size: S - 29" - 35"
Buckle: Black Long Pin

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Engineered for heavy-duty powerlifting and strongman training, The 13mm Extra Stiff Belt is our most supportive belt yet. Developed in collaboration with world-class powerlifter Tom Martin, its design ensures you have maximum support while still being comfortable to wear. The lever mechanism means that the Extra Stiff Belt is easy to take on and off between your sets. 

The belt uses the same base design as our 13mm lever belts but includes a reinforced centre made from 3mm thick composite material. This means a higher level of stiffness and support – perfect for elite lifters, or those who just prefer a stiffer belt. 


Each belt comes with a Riot lever buckle with longer pins since standard levers won't fit this belt. The Riot steel buckle is built to last, even under the most strenuous use. Many strength athletes use this belt for 400kg+ deadlifts and squats – which is why we offer a lifetime performance warranty for our Riot buckles.

Watch this video to see Tom Martin in action using our 13mm Extra Stiff Belt.

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  • Material: Amara - synthetic leather, black
  • IPF approved
  • 3mm centre reinforcement
  • *Closure: riot steel buckle, with longer pin
  • Eight available belt sizes
  • Width: 10cm 
  • Thickness: 13mm


Size  Inches
S 29-35
M 34-39
L 38-43
XL 41-45
XXL 43-47
XXXL 46-49
XXXXL 47-51
XXXXXL 49-54

If you're unsure on what size you need, watch the following video to help you get the correct size;




Does the belt come with a buckle?

Yes, the belt includes a special Riot lever buckle with an extended pin. It’s not compatible with our standard Riot buckles.

How do I prepare my new belt for its first use?

Breaking in your belt is simple. First, fasten it using the lever buckle and let it sit for a period of one to two days. This helps to shape the belt into a more circular form. Following this, wear the belt as you normally would, allowing it to mould to the contours of your body.

Can I use this belt in competitions?

Yes, this belt is IPF approved, making it suitable for both training and competitive events. It’s also popular with bodybuilders and strong(wo)men.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Noah Green


Ashley the Nerd Quigley
amazing Belt!!

I have had a york belt, then I got a Amazon finest for £30 which stretched under 200kg squat and now I have this!!
Its completely different to the other belts stiff strong and support is amazing. I am already seeing a difference in my performance on max squats and deadlifts I just wished I had got a poper belt like this sooner. I have been lifting for 16 years

Mark Hetherington

Bought the belt for Christmas and I have to say it's really well made and definitely worth the money. So easy to get on and off and makes life easier when going into leg day

Richard Payne
Riot 13mm Lever Belt (Extra Stiff) - IPF Approved?

Really pleased with the belt. It's great quality and will last years. I will definitely be buying another one for when I need that extra gut space on next year's growth push. Id suggest getting a good quality belt like this of the bat instead of trying others firat. Younwill end up buying a good one down the road anyways.

Nathan Cullum

Riot 13mm Lever Belt (Extra Stiff) - IPF Approved