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Riot 13mm Lever Belt (Extra Stiff) - IPF Approved

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Size: S - 29" - 35"
Buckle: Black Long Pin

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The Strength Shop Riot belt is reinforced to be extra stiff to give you the most support possible. Although reinforced, this belt is IPF approved and is specially designed for heavy duty strong(wo)man and powerlifting training and competition. These belts will take a long time to break in, as they are 13mm from end to end, there is no tapering in this belt at the edges. This belt is for the serious lifter who is looking for the absolute maximum support from a belt. This is by far our stiffest and most supportive belt!

This belt is used by world class powerlifter Tom Martin who helped with the development of this belt.

To help break the belt in we recommend putting the lever on the belt and doing the belt up. Then leave it for a day or 2 before using so that the belt can mould into a more circular shape which will make it easier to use initially.

These will come with a Riot lever buckle with longer pins as standard levers will not fit this belt.

Riot Lever Buckle with longer pins has a lifetime warranty

Riot steel buckle is indestructible in even the heaviest use. Many of our customers use the steel buckle with 400kg+ deadlifts and squats and it has gone through extensive testing. This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime performance warranty for it. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

13mm lever belts really are the cream of the crop, and well worth the extra spend.

Black 13mmX10cm Weight Lifting Powerlifting Lever Belt.

Tom Martin pause squats 365kg using our Riot 13mm Lever Belt & Odin Knee Wraps:

If you are unsure on what size you need, watch the following video to help you get the correct size;

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
christy joss
Brilliant belt and customer service

I just used the belt an hour ago for the first time and broke a pr deadlift the support feels incredible and although it will need some more time to wear in it fits perfect. When the lever arrived there was a slight sign of wear (works like new anyway as it happens) but i sent them a picture and within a couple of days a new lever arrived at my door (didn’t have to pay import tax or anything). Really recommend to any powerlifter. Brilliant quality and customer service.

Lift it to the MAX
Leaver belt

This belt is incredible as so as you put it on you can feel it grip you like a vice, keeps you feeling strong and tight, will take awhile to break in but for sure it’s worth the extra money. Recommend putting buckle on and leaving a few days to mould to shape but then your good to go and start hitting your PB’s. This belt will last you a long time too. Get one!!!.