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13mm Lever Belt - Embossed Logo Black - IPF Approved

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Size: XS - 24" - 30"
Buckle: Black (standard)

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Comes standard with a steel Lever Buckle, which has a lifetime performance warranty

Get maximum support and stability  

Lift and train with total confidence using our 13mm Lever Belt. This belt will provide you with the extra support and stability you need when lifting, making it an essential tool for any serious strength athlete. The lever mechanism means you simply set your size once, and you can quickly and easily take the belt on and off without having to re-adjust it every time.

The lever belt is IPF approved and is perfect for powerlifters. It's also ideal for bodybuilders and strong(wo)men. 

Durable design — built to last

Crafted from premium synthetic Amara leather for a firm and supportive lifting belt. Available in a wide range of sizes and suitable for anyone — from new lifters to seasoned strength athletes.  Combined with a steel buckle, the lever belt has been used by competitive lifters to lift over 400kg. We’re so confident in the durability of our steel buckles, we offer a lifetime performance warranty.  

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  • Material: Premium Amara synthetic leather 
  • Closure: Steel buckle
  • Width: 10cm
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Colour: embossed black
  • IPF approved


    XS 24"- 30"
    S 29"- 35"
    M 34"- 39"
    L 38"- 43"
    XL 40"- 45"
    XXL 43"- 47"

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    Not sure what size you need? Watch our guide:


    What’s the benefit of a lever belt?
    In general, lifting belts are designed to provide additional support to your spine by increasing intra-abdominal pressure. They’re not a substitute for proper technique, but they generally help athletes lift more and may prevent injury. Unlike single and double-prong belts, lever belts are adjusted when you first use them (instead of each time you put them on). This means you can take the belt off and on very quickly with the same settings.

    Should I choose the 10mm or 13mm Lever Belt?
    Both belts will provide a large amount of support. The only difference is that the 13mm has more material and is a bit thicker. This leads to a slightly stiffer feel. If you’re a beginner or haven’t used a belt before, you might find a 10mm belt is more comfortable. The 13mm belt provides more support, but that might be unnecessary if you’re not lifting very heavy loads.

    How does the warranty work?
    The Lifetime Performance Warranty is available on our steel buckles (used with our lever belts).  Cosmetic issues are not covered by the warranty. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    gary taylor
    13mm lever belt

    Good communication belt perfect
    Deliver also good

    Love it

    I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for this belt. I love it, and I've yet to come across anyone else who has it (yet!). One thing that pleasantly surprised me was the interior lining, which is made of synthetic suede which isn’t mentioned on the website. The photo looks like it’s going to be the leather look that the outside is made of. The thickness; it's sturdy but not uncomfortably stiff, making it comfortable to use. Highly recommend 💪🏼

    Louis Randall Pringle

    Great belt and fantastic service when the order was tge wrong size

    awesome weight lifting belt

    the belt looks extremely comfortable and suppoortive. i cannot wait to try it out. the price is very reasonable for a top quality product such as this one

    Great Belt, Even better customer service

    Very good belt,