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10kg Junior Weightlifting Bar

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But with the right equipment. The basics of movement are best learned and consolidated at a young age. With qualified guidance and equipment suitable for children and youngsters, weight training, as well as Olympic weightlifting, are a very good sport for the youth. This barbell is ideal for our youngest strength athletes and beginners.


The barbell is shorter, both in the shaft and in the sleeves. However, the diameter of the sleeves remains at 50mm so that standard plates can be used. This makes the junior Olympic weightlifting bar compatible with the standardized weight plates for Olympic weightlifting. The diameter of the shaft is also reduced to 25mm to allow a secure grip with smaller hands and to get used to the hook grip. A relative soft knurling will give the skin on the hands time to adapt, even with many repetitions done.


The spring steel shaft allows frequent dropping. The flexible steel absorbs the forces that occur on impact and contributes to the durability of the junior Olympic barbell. There is no centre knurl on the youth Olympic barbell and it comes with a cool black barbell shaft. The youth Olympic barbell has dual grip markings, meaning the IPF and IWF standardized markings. The advantage is that the markings are the same when changing to a regular bar, so change of grip position won't be necessary.

For the correct starting position in Olympic weightlifting, even with lighter loads, our Technique Plates are a very good match for this bar.


  • Material: spring steel
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Total length: 169cm
  • Loadable Sleeve-length: 18cm
  • Shaft diameter: 25mm
  • Grip markings: 81cm & 91cm
  • Centre knurling: no
  • Knurling type: soft
  • Sleeve type: needle bearings
  • Recommended max. weight: 85kg
  • Tensile strength: PSI 175k

Please see Refund Policy for Bar Usage Guidelines and Warranties.