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How AIRWAAV is Revolutionising Strength Sports & Strongman

How AIRWAAV is Revolutionising Strength Sports & Strongman

When it comes to elite athletic performance, every advantage counts. From meticulous training regimens to state-of-the-art equipment, athletes are continually seeking ways to improve their performance.

One tool that stands out for its simplicity and impact is the AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece.

Read on to learn more about the AIRWAAV and how it can improve your training.

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What is the AIRWAAV? 
Why should you use AIRWAAV? 
Use the AIRWAAV to enhance your performance. 

What is the AIRWAAV? 

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece is a game-changer for athletes who want to push their limits. 


AIRWAAV's effectiveness is grounded in scientific principles. When an athlete bites down on the mouthpiece, it shifts the jaw forward, creating an optimal airway opening. This improved airway allows for increased oxygen flow, crucial during high-intensity activities. Enhanced oxygen intake leads to better muscle performance, reduced fatigue, and faster recovery times.

Moreover, AIRWAAV's design promotes proper tongue positioning and reduces the risk of jaw clenching, a common issue that can impede breathing and increase stress on the body. By mitigating these factors, AIRWAAV boosts physical performance and contributes to overall well-being. 

With AIRWAAV, athletes experience up to 20% more oxygen intake for improved strength, speed, and stamina. 

Why should you use AIRWAAV?  

The proof of AIRWAAV's effectiveness is in the athletes who swear by it. 

At the pinnacle of strength sports, where every competitor is pushing the boundaries of human potential, AIRWAAV has become an essential part of a strength athlete’s toolkit. 

Notably, nine competitors from the 2024 World's Strongest Man competition, including the top two finishers, have incorporated AIRWAAV into their routines.

Tom Stoltman, the 2024 World's Strongest Man, and Mitchell Hooper, the 2023 champion and 2024 runner-up, attribute part of their success to the benefits of AIRWAAV. These elite athletes understand the importance of getting every advantage they can get.

Stoltman, a native of Scotland, has made history with his remarkable achievements in strength sports.

AIRWAAV has played a crucial role in his training regimen, helping him maximise his oxygen intake and sustain his energy levels during intense competitions. 

Tom Stoltman uses the AIRWAAV PX2, which has a tighter fit, while Hooper uses the AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece, which has a more relaxed fit.


Another UK athlete who uses the AIRWAAV is Gavin Bilton.

Bilton, like Stoltman, relies on AIRWAAV to enhance his performance. AIRWAAV helps Bilton stay focused and powerful throughout his events by ensuring his breathing remains efficient and unimpeded. Bilton uses the AIRWAAV PX1 and sleeps with the AIRWAAV RX1 Recovery Mouthpiece.


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Strength Shop are proud suppliers of the AIRWAAV

Strength Shop proudly supports athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Committed to providing the best tools and gear, Strength Shop has recognised the revolutionary impact of AIRWAAV. By offering this cutting-edge mouthpiece, Strength Shop ensures that athletes have access to the latest innovations designed to enhance performance.

Use the AIRWAAV to enhance your performance 

As the strength sports community continues to evolve, the role of innovative tools like AIRWAAV becomes increasingly vital. 

AIRWAAV helps athletes unlock their full potential by enhancing breathing efficiency and pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve. With endorsements from some of the world's strongest men, including Tom Stoltman and Gavin Bilton from the UK, it's clear that AIRWAAV is more than just a mouthpiece—it's a revolution in athletic performance.

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