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Olympic Football Bar

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Olympic Football Bar

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The Football Bar, originally designed to be used by American Football players with/recovering from shoulder injuries, to allow them to continue to bench and press.

This bar provides the facility to work with a near neutral grip, ideal for those with shoulder problems, and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

The angled handles alter how the shoulder joint sits during the press movement (elbows tucked in on the bench press), and results in a more comfortable grip position which creates less pressure on the shoulder joints. Their 50mm diameter eases strain on the wrists as well.

This bar is designed for rehab and/or assistance work hence we advise using lighter weights, however the recommended max load is 150kg. This bar is not designed to be dropped on the floor, and doing so will void any warranty.

Total length 210cm.

Length of sleeve 40cm.

Length from box section to collar 13cm.

Length of box section 46cm.

Width of box section 19cm.

Diameter of handles 50mm

Weight 10kg

Please note this bar is not designed to be dropped in any circumstance.
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Excellent bar
Highly recommend this bar! Using it for incline presses and you can really feel the difference. You can't bounce it of your chest like a straight bar so it really is a pause then press movement. Fits perfectly in my rack and have found you can grip it like a Swiss bar right in the middle for tricep extensions etc. Takes a bit of getting used to. I have been lifting for years and highly recommend this bar. Review by Seze / (Posted on 09/08/2019)

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