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Strength Shop Tacky Remover

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Strength Shop Tacky Remover does exactly what it says on the bottle!

This solution is a convenient, quick and easy way to remove any tacky from yourself, stone sleeves or atlas stones. Simply use a few sprays of the remover onto what you wish to clean, a quick rub into the tacky then wipe of with a cloth, rag or towel it's as simple as that. You can always spray some onto a cloth and use this to wipe the tacky off the surface as well.

Tacky remover comes in a portable 150ml spray bottle that can easily be stored in any gym bag along with the rest of your training equipment.

Please Note:
Tacky Remover is produced in the same factory as the tacky which handles nuts and could be hazardous for people with a nut allergy.
Test a small batch of the remover on your skin before using the product, if there are any reactions stop using immediately.
Keep spray away from eyes.
All Strength Shop Tacky is handmade in the UK.
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