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7mm Inferno Neoprene Knee Sleeves - Red - IPF Approved (Pair)

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Size: X-Large

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Strength Shop 7mm Neoprene Inferno Knee Sleeves - IPF Approved

Now with improved neoprene & stitching. Giving more support than before!

  • Double seamed for added strength of the stitching.
  • 7mm Thick high quality neoprene for great rebound out of the hole.
  • 30cm length as per maximum length allowed in competition (IPF).

  • This is our strongest, most durable IPF Approved sleeve that provides great warmth, support and compression during you lifts helping you get every KG out of the lift!

    Ideal for Powerlifting, as well as Strongman, Weightlifting & Bodybuilding to give support and warmth to the knee during training/lifting.

    Washing Instructions: Hand wash in hot water with a light soap. Wash both the outside and inside of the sleeve and leave to air dry. Do not machine wash.

    To get your size, please measure the circumference of the knee with the leg straight.

    Price is for a pair (2) of sleeves.

    Size guideline:
    XS - 28 - 30.5cm
    S - 30.5 - 33cm
    M - 33 - 35.5cm
    L - 35.5 - 38cm
    XL - 38 - 40.5cm
    XXL - 40.5 - 43cm
    XXXL - 43 - 45.5cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Well worth the money and will help you lift better

    I had been using a pair of the Thor Double-Ply knee sleeves for 8 years. In hindsight I had the wrong size (was on the number between sizes and went up). Over time they had become a bit loose and worn. Again I was on the line between sizes, so I went down for these. I also bought a pair of the triple-ply Odin sleeves, partly as a backup, partly because I was sceptical of these: when I think "Neoprene" I think of those silly gloves you can buy from high street sports shops (yes, I made that mistake many many years ago!) I needn't have worried: these are fantastic. They take a bit of a tug to get on (and are even harder to get off, especially when damp) but once on, they keep my knees supported, compressed and warm. I can't imagine squatting any sort of decent weight without them. To get them off, I find it easiest to pull from the top, turning them inside out as they go down the leg, then giving the inside a wipe with a wet cloth before turning them back the right way and standing them to dry. Compared to the Odins, there's less obvious "spring" from the bottom, but freer movement. They are less than half the weight too (316g for the pair versus 635g for the Odins). I think I prefer these for Squatting and the Odins for Deadlifting but really I could get by perfectly well with either one for both lifts. After 5 months of regular use, they've held their shape and there's no sign of loose stitching, fraying or tearing. I'm very happy and may well buy another pair "just in case".


    Great quality. Stitching much better than other cheaper sleeves that are available. Well worth the price and an investment in yourself and your lifting! If you’re between sizes then go for the larger size, I found the smaller one extremely difficult to get on