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Sabo Deadlift Shoes PRO - Black

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Size: UK 4.5-5 (Eur 37-38)
Color: Black

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The PRO Series shoe has a natural anatomical shape and rounded internal heel bottom that securely envelopes the heel. This helps direct transmitting of the weight from the body to the ground. A thin, removable insole supports the arch and provides a cover over the seams of the bottom sole. The PRO Series have a small heel drop. This innovation allows for a cambered heel design, when the lifter’s weight is added to the shoe, the heel flattens distributing the weight more evenly, over a wider surface area. This provides a more planted feeling and better heel drive.

PRO Series is a totally redesigned shoe, based on new ideas and several years of research. Athletes, coaches, physiologists and technical specialists were involved in the development process.

The shape of the shoe is the most important part of the construction. Shoe lasts provides the proper fit, comfort and support. Months were spent to create the best shoe shape for performing the deadlift. The shoe is tight and rounded in the heel zone and a wide toe box allows for toe splay. Completely new shoe outsole is designed for perfect deadlifts.

It has some unique features:
- Wider bottom provides extra support and stability.
- High board in the heel and on the toe side for better foot hold.
- Spherical heel zone to improve the weight distribution.
- Small heel to compensate the weight of the athlete and the barbell.
- Durable velcro, 40 mm wide strong strap.
- Durable materials used for the outsole and more supportive used for the insoles.

The PRO Series shoe heel has a cambered bottom when it’s free and not being worn. It becomes flat once the athlete stands on it, this innovation distributes the weight of the lifter and barbell evenly over the heel, providing extra traction, and allows for better heel drive. High edges/boards of the outsole in the heel zone, increase stability and provides better heel hold. Thin outsoles decreases range of motion needed to perform the deadlift. High edges/boards on the toe zone provide lateral support when "spreading the floor". The design, components and pattern of the bottom sole are designed to get better grip, comfort, durability and weight transmission.

Proper and strong positioning of the heel is important for the shoes, for the legs and body. The design of the heel zone of the outsole is done to improve the distribution of the weight of the athlete and the barbell. The shape of the inner part of heel of the outsole is spherical, close to the natural shape of the foot to make the fit perfect, comfortable and safe. The outsole has a wider bottom to increase the footprint to add stability and support. Tighter hold of the heel zone keeps the foot stable. A special wide toe shape of the shoe creates a perfect fit exactly for deadlift footwear allowing for the toes to naturally splay. 40 mm wide strap is made of strong and durable material, it guarantees a tight, locked in feeling for the lifter.

Sabo PRO deadlift shoes are made from Vegan-friendly breathable mesh & synthetic suede.

Recommendations for care

  • Recommended operating conditions - air temperature from +10 to +25
  • Care - Remove dirt with a soft brush, special care liquids

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