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Monolift Attachment for Thor Power Cage, Garage Power Cage & Half Rack - 60mm x 60mm Box Section

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Monolift Attachment for use with our Thor Power Cage, Garage Power Cage & Half Rack (60mm Box Section).

A cost effective solution for Monolift training without buying a full Monolift machine!
Simply unrack the bar and the counterweight removes the J-Hooks from the bar path.
Concentrate solely on your squat and not the walk-out!

Excellent for preparing for Powerlifting meets that use a monolift.

Approx. dimensions:
67cm wide
46cm height
8cm wide
Load rating 350kg
12.5kg each

Price is for a pair.

*Please note - it is advisable to use the monolift attachment inside the cage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's the best!

Got the half rack (which is also great) and decided to get this to help with squats/benching by myself. It is superb! Takes a bit of fiddling to get it bang on with the swing (not too tight and not too loose) but when it's there it is so so good. Walking the bar out can be irritating especially when going heavy, I can get my feet bang on before loading up and then I'm ready to go. Also it works with a thicker bar, I've got a thick ssb and it sits fine on it.

No more walk outs for squats

Wasn't too sure if this would fit my rack as it's not the Thor rack but a Bodymax C485. It is a 60mm box section steel rack so I took the gamble on it. Luck has it, fits perfectly. The monolift comes requiring some minimal assembly. It's only 4 bolts and nylock nuts but a 12mm allen key will be required and a 19mm spanner or socket. It took a little trial and error to get the tightness of the nuts right, too tight and it wont move properly, too loose and it will flop about too much. It's not rocket science. The construction is seriously heavy duty. Much heavier than I expected. The pictures don't do it justice. The welds are pretty decent and straight. The hooks where the bar rests looks like some sort of glass reinforced nylon so it's not going to scratch your bar up. I've had the monolift for about a week now and used it for squats and bench. I lift alone so benching in the rack is always going to be safer with the aid of pins. Sometimes getting yourself set up for the bench is best to have someone hand you the weight as pushing it off hooks then moving into position upsets how tight your lats/shoulders are. The monolift totally eliminates that problem. Just set up so your arms are directly under the bar, push up and the hooks move back out of your way by a couple of inches. When you have lifted the bar back up let the arms swing up to latch back on the hooks. Brilliant. Using it for squats eliminates the walk out. Just stand directly under the bar push up and squat down. When you've stood back up lean forward and the bar lands on the hooks. I love it.