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Double Layer Strongman Sandbags

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Size: Double Layer Strongman Sandbag-50kg

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Our new line of Strength Shop sandbags are built to stand the test of time. Whether for strongman, conditioning or general strength training, these are an excellent tool for any gym and a great alternative to atlas stones or slam balls. Easy to empty and refill, sandbags can be taken on the road or to another location without any hassle.

Strength Shop sandbags are constructed using two separate layers: an inner bag which has a thick velcro seal and an even more heavy duty outer layer. The outer bag also features a zip closure with double velcro straps for added security. Rest assured that no materials will be spilling out during your workout.

The sandbags come in 9 different sizes and should be filled to the desired weight accordingly.

● Black double layer bag
● Zip closure and double velcro straps both for inner and outer bags
● Filler Capacity (9 Sizes): 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 120kg and 140kg
● Ideal for use on nonabrasive surfaces such as rubber matting
● Made from Cordura Nylon Material

How to fill your sandbag:
1.) Make sure that your inner bag is open and lining the inside of the outer bag.
2.) Fill your inner bag until it has reached the desired weight. We recommend using coarse sand. Seal the inner bag using the velcro closures at the top, then fold down.
3. )Make sure the inner bag is tucked inside the outer bag before zipping up the outer bag and strapping the external velcro seals closed.

* Note that the sandbags are designed to be dropped but not slammed.

** Please also note: The density and size of the materials being used will affect the loadable weight of the bag. Since the bag can be filled with materials of varying weight such as rubber, lead shot, woodchip, gravel etc., these will all create a different load respectively

Customer Reviews

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Great bit of kit for in the garden / to add to your local gym

If you're not factoring sandbag training into your workouts. You should be. Well made and top quality. Absolutely love it. Easy to use, store and move around. Literally just added extra spoil from a garden project at home. On a side note this increased the load of the 60kg Sandbag to around 80kg as you want to really pack it out. (Coarse sand as recommended is like £2 per 25kg bag anyway if you want to get the weight near-ish with the bag size)