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Notorious Lift - Sumo Sole Gen 1 - Pure White

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Made with specifically sumo deadlifts in mind, the Sumo Sole Gen 1 is generally a super choice, whatever your deadlift style is. The raised outer sole gives a light support, also with solid traction and grip to the ground. The increased traction on these deadlift slippers is achieved by the improved sole design. Torque on the platform and securely held in place on your feet, due to the dual Velcro straps, to keep your feet locked in place, in the notorious lift deadlift slippers itself. The upper material is soft and snugs on the contours of your feet.

Whether you train in many different gyms or want to train when you’re traveling, wearing shoes in the gym can be a more sanitary option and will protect your socks from wearing off, too. Plus, when you’re competitive, training with your equipment is also fundamental preparation for your meets.

Save your shins with a pair of high-rise deadlift socks.

Please see the size guidelines for sizing advice.

  • Model: Sumo Sole Gen 1 (SSG1)
  • Colour: stealth/black
  • Raised lateral wall for support
  • Dual straps
  • Soft upper material
  • #noslipgrip - sole pattern for max. traction
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