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Gravity Boots

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Gravity Boots
Need a change of perspective? Gravity boots are designed for just this purpose.

Hanging from an upside-down position, otherwise known as inversion therapy, allows for the rehabilitation of the spine and other joints in the body. In essence, you are using your own bodyweight to stretch and decompress from your ankles down to your head. In addition to passive hanging, gravity boots can be used for active exercises to strengthen your back and abdominals.

The boots are fitted with comfortable but firm foam padding which is then latched into place around your ankles and secured with a safety catch. Solid steel hooks on the front attach to most standard sized pull-up bars. Once fastened on, these boots are very stable and can withstand a maximum load of 150KG.

How these work:
1) Strap the boots around your ankles and make sure that they are fastened in place using the safety catch
2) Manoeuvre the hooks on the boots onto the pull-up bar. (Tip: if you're struggling to get the boots on the bar, you can also use the help of a resistance band to give yourself a boost)
3) Hang loose!

- Use for strengthening and stretching the back and abdominal muscles
- Universal sizing
- Incl. safety lock and foam padding
- Steel hooks for attaching to a standard size bar (approx 30mm)
- Total weight: 1.7KG
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