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Farmers Hooks for Dumbbells - Pair

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Farmers Hooks for Dumbbells - Pair

Farmers Hooks go perfectly with our Hex Dumbbells! Click here to view.

Designed to fit most dumbbells, these farmers hooks are very compact and can be taken with you anywhere. Due to the height difference off the floor and the weight balance while carrying, they do a great job of emulating normal plate loaded farmer's walks.

Ideal compact tool for commercial or home gym use. These dumbbell hooks allow you to emulate one of the most popular strongman events without having all of the equipment taking up lots of valuable space in your gym or home set up, all you need is some dumbbells and our farmers hooks.

Compact space saver design means these are extremely easy to store away after use and also allows you to take these anywhere with dumbbells then carry out the farmers walk training.

If you’ve ever tried traditional farmers carries with just dumbbells, you’ll notice a much greater challenge using these in addition. Simply hook them onto your dumbbells and start walking!


- 1.5 KG per handle
- Powder coated solid steel
- Compact construction ideal for home gyms and travel
- 32.5mm handle
-Rated to 100kg per handle
- Sold as a pair
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