Strength Shop Riot Utility Bench

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Strength Shop Riot Utility Bench
Riot Utility Bench is a strongly built utility bench for flat, incline and decline bench work. Wide range of settings to get the right angles for your lifting. Ideal for home and commercial use alike.


- Decline, incline and flat bench
- 7 height settings for the back pad
- 6 height settings for the front pad
- Foothold for sit ups etc.
- Wheels and handle for easy movability

Approx Specifications:

Height: 50 cm
Length of the bench: 137 cm
Width of the pad: 30 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Rated to 400kg

Footprint with supports and the foothold/handle included: 155 cm x 60 cm
Strength Shop Riot Utility Bench
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